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Inspired by Diverse Tea Culture. Made in NYC.

5 Scenes + 18 Visual Highlights

Have a look inside


Labyrinth of Tea origin

Pass through layers of curtains to explore the mystery of the world's oldest tea. 

Milk Tea Metropolis

Take a walk down the street in Hong Kong to witness how this British royal drink transformed into a feature of the city's urban style.  

Matcha under Cherry Blossom

Rewind in a modern tea house to understand a most divine tea ceremony.


BOBA Court

Adventure with friends in our pink fun court. It's full of huge bobas and a giant milk bottle.


1 ticket sold 

= 1 tree planted

room for tea

Trees for the Future will plant one tree through their Forest Garden Program for each ticket sold. Thanks to your patronage, we can help people in need one tree at a time :)

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