Foodie Ways to Make Friends
Curated by Yanz Zeng and Iris Xing

"Foodie Ways to Make Friends" is an edible, likable, and sharable pop-up dining table. This light but intimate experience celebrated and showcased the fact that visitors can make friends through sharing food and exploring important aspects of its "user experience."

In New York and a lot other cities, it is uncommon to find a place to sit and enjoy your day without first alleviating the necessary burdens of city life. New York City's planning has an implicit message that whether you have something to do, a job, a home, or none of these, you should move! Be more productive! But the public spaces are beautiful and full of potential for people to spend time together, especially in the city. These aspects are too often sold to us but they are available to the public, too, and so we sought to imagine what social functions these spaces can fulfill. In this project we targeted this dimension by inviting strangers to eat with us because food can bring people together.

Our event is designed to branch out into exploring other themes behind food itself as a nutrient and as an experience.

We guide and challenge our visitors to view their food from different angles, bite by bite.

People who participate will be served with a set of curated food prepared by an amazing partner chef.

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